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Beautiful wilderness + unpaved roads = compelling excursions 

Oregon (along with most western states) is rich with undeveloped public lands. The vast majority of these lands are managed by either the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or the U.S. Forest Service, and to a lesser extent, the National Parks Service and other agencies.  These lands are served by a network of unpaved roads providing access to mostly unseen wildnerness and vistas. Navigating these little-used routes can be a fun and rewarding challenge.

This website is dedicated to respectful exploration of Oregon's public lands via what is often referred to as "softroading." While there are countless sites about more hardcore terrain-focused off-roading and overlanding mega-expeditions, my aim is to create a hub of information built specifically around enjoying soft roading exploration of Oregon wilderness areas, even for those who can't afford heavily modded off-road vehicles or can't frequently indulge in weeks-long excursions.

I explore Oregon backcountry in my lightly modified Subaru Forester, and document these Oregon excursions here. I hope you find the information to be useful and maybe inspire you to get out and explore public lands near you.

See you out there!