Oregon Softroading Excursion Videos

YouTube videos of my excursions around Oregon and a little bit of Northern California.


Broken Top Wilderness

Mountain vistas and creek crossings with my CRV buddies

Cascade Lakes-to-Waldo Lake Backcountry Route

Fun drive via primitive roads to high lakes

Cascade Crosstrek Convergence

Crosstrek friends from up and down the west coast come camping in the Cascades

Cascade Creeks & Peaks

Exploring backcountry routes with multiple creek crossings and camping with friends in the central Oregon Cascades

Diamond Peak Wilderness

Backcountry adventure along lakes & mountains via primitive roads

Jack Creek - Metolius Area

Exploring east of Three Fingered Jack

Old Santiam Wagon Road & Vicinity

One of my earliest videos exploring & camping in the central Oregon Cascades


Central Oregon Lava Tour

The one where I drive across the lava

China Hat Road

Exploring and snow camping in the high desert southeast of Bend

Cline Buttes OHV Area

Exploring a rugged high desert BLM dedicated offroading area

Fort Rock / Hole-in-the-Ground Area

Two-day overland adventure with my son hitting some of Oregon's geological oddities

Mowich > Mt. Thielsen Area

Getting from Hwy 58 to Hwy 138 entirely on dirt

Spectactular Central Oregon

Two days of exploring near Redmond including some interesting rock formations and a sweet creek crossing


Eugene-to-Coast Backcountry Route

When you just can't face another RV on Hwy 126 (write-up & photos only)

Oregon Dunes:  First Visit     Second Visit

Exploring the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and the nearby beach

Rogue River > Coquille River Backcountry Excursion

Roadblocks of all sorts plague this excursion. Oh yeah, it rains the whole time too.

Whittaker Creek Recreation Site (and beyond)

Straightforward Oregon Coast Range rainforest exploration (write up & photos only)

Yachats River Road (and beyond)

More Oregon Coast Range rainforest (write-up & photos only)
For excursion info and videos in southern California, check out the JonDZ Adventuring website: crossoverlanding.com


Klamath Lake / East Side

Vistas, snow, rock formations, more snow, featuring the whole family

Solo on Shasta: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Getting from Oregon to Mt. Shasta via backcountry routes and lava beds, and finding a campsite after dark.

Shasta Part 2: Mysteries on the Mountain

Meeting up with Edward Shin, JonDZAdventuring and others, dusty trail action and spooky nighttime investigations


Alvord Desert

 (preview; full epsidode will be reposted soon)

Beyond the Alvord

Pushing beyond the Alvord into even more remote southeastern Oregon desert backcountry

Malheur National Forest

 We're forced to move our campsite during this unplanned final leg of the Alvord trip


Eagle Creek Road

An early video finding dispersed camping on the fly

Lookout Point Lake Area

Lucie's first ever softroading excursion and some cleanup work with friends

Lost Creek / Bear Creek Area

Western Oregon forest excursion (write-up & photos only)

Mohawk Valley / Coburg Hills


North Mohawk

Pushing further north from the Mohawk area

Panther Creek to Siulsaw Falls

Exploring BLM land southeast of Eugene and stumbing across Siuslaw Falls

Prairie Peak

Father-daughter excursion up one of my favorite local mountains
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Oregon Additional Resources

This is a set of six maps detailing off-pavement routes crossing various regions of Oregon. While these look intriguing, I haven't purchased or attempted any of these yet.
Oregon Back Country Discovery Routes Website

This is a nice little handbook with backroads excursions all over the state, with a heavy concentration in the southwest corner, where the author is from. Each drive is written up in detail and includes directions and a basic map. So far there is almost no overlap between excursions on my site and what's in this book, although he has documented a number of places I'm planning to visit, and part of my Eugene-Coast softroading route uses a road that makes up part of one of his coast range trips. Anyway, I take this with me anytime I travel around Oregon in case I need some exploration inspiration.
Oregon Byways by Art Bernstein